Modelworking widthweightarmstines
G 360/11320-390 cm410 Kg11 33
G 340/9320-390 cm320 Kg9 27
G 310/9300-350 cm280 Kg9 27
G 310/8300-350 cm255 Kg8 24
G 280/8280-330 cm245 Kg8 24

G series

The “G” series is the machine most known and sold in our range; is the basic machine for farms engaged in the collection phase of haymaking. Group has oil bath that requires low maintenance and it is a guarantee of durability


  • shock attack
  • swivel wheels
  • CE protectors
  • latarel rake teeth
  • arms with round profile
  • cardan shaft

Application fittings

  • tandem wheels
  • twin wheels
  • lateral cloth rake
  • frontal wheel
  • arms with lemon profile (like cardan’s tube)

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