Modelworking widthpower requiredknives n.weighthammerslateral removeinclination
TLI 180180 cm40/50 HP64 390 Kg32 230 cm-50°/90°
TLI 160160 cm30/40 HP56 340 Kg28 210 cm-50°/90°
TLI 130130 cm20/30 HP48 300 Kg24 180 cm-50°/90°

TLI JUNIOR from 20 to 50 HP

light version

The same machine can mow behind the tractor or to the side, pruning a hedge in a vertical position, or servicing of banks and slopes


  • Support roller
  • Rams or blades
  • Driving gear with free wheel
  • Cardan shaft
  • Protection accident prevention CE
  • rear casing that can be opened
  • safety-valve in the hydraulick jack

Application fittings

cardan shaft hexagon

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