Modelworking widthmax depthweightcodeunderframe clearancePower wheel tractors
MONSTER 5-25250 cm65 cm1150 Kg4416645 85 cm130/260 HP
MONSTER 7-30300 cm65 cm1800 Kg4416646 85 cm180/260 HP
MONSTER 9-40400 cm65 cm2050 Kg4416647 85 cm200/300 HP


SUBSOILERS adaptable to any type of tractor, they can be supplied with single or double hydraulic rear rollers. Also available in the range is the hydro-pneumatic no-stop series for particularly difficult conditions where the classic screw safety device is not sufficient

Application fittings

WING EXPLOSION for each coulter
FLOATING CLOD mechanical
HYDRAULIC REAR DOUBLE ROLLER (weight increase 550 kg)

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