Modelworking widthweighttinescodeunderframe clearancePower wheel tractors
DRS5M/B250 cm580 Kg5 4410807 74 cm90/130 HP
DRS7M/B300 cm900 Kg7 4410810 74 cm120/150 HP
DRS5M/B222 cm550 Kg5 4410805 74 cm90/120 HP
DRS7M/B250 cm715 Kg7 4410809 74 cm120/150 HP


SUBSOILERS adaptable to any type of tractor, they can be supplied with single or double hydraulic rear rollers. Also available in the range is the hydro-pneumatic no-stop series for particularly difficult conditions where the classic screw safety device is not sufficient

Application fittings

wheels series
WING EXPLOSION for each coulter
HYDRO rear double roller 2,5 and 3 metres

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