Modelworking widthpower requiredweighthammers
TF 180 idr180 cm45/70 HP395 Kg22
TF 180 fisso180 cm45/70 HP380 Kg22
TF160 idr160 cm40/50 HP385 Kg20
TF160 fisso160 cm40/50 HP345 Kg20


tractors from 40 to 70 HP
Multi purpose displaceable mulcher for grass and pruning up to Ø 6 cm

Versatility of use is the main strength of the TF model. The sturdy frame and high rpm of the rotor guarantee optimum work in different operational situations, such as shredding grass, twigs in vineyards or orchards and any cornstalks. Mechanical or hydraulic movement, the possibility to open the bonnet for maintenance purposes, rear steering wheels and many accessories affirm the multifunctionality of this machine.

Application fittings

  • blocks
  • rods-collection mod. 140/160
  • rods-collection mod. 180/200
  • rods-strew mod. 160/180
  • rods strew mod. 200
  • electronic hour counter

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