Modelworking widthpower requiredweighthammers
TG160 idr160 cm35/40 HP255 Kg24
TG160 fisso160 cm35/40 HP230 Kg24
TG140 idr140 cm30/35 HP240 Kg20
TG140 fisso140 cm30/35 HP215 Kg20

TG/F-H TGF fixed attach TGH hydraulic

Fix and crossways mulcher for grass and pruning up to Ø 4 cm

The TG/F-H model is suitable for grass cutting and maintenance in parks and gardens. The machine can be used at the front or rear of the tractor. The rotor is available with hammers, suitable for mowing ornamental lawns, or with articulated blades, which is more suitable for grass cutting and small twigs.


  • Support roller
  • Rams or blades
  • Driving gear with free wheel
  • Cardan shaft
  • Protection accident prevention CE
  • rear casing that can be opened

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