Modelworking widthtransport widthpacker rollerpower requiredknives n.cage / spikes roller
E 250250 cm255 cm780 Kg70 HP20 580 kg
E 225225 cm230 cm740 Kg60 HP18 560 kg
E 200200 cm210 cm680 Kg50 HP16 540 kg
E 180175 cm180 cm610 Kg45 HP14 540 kg
E 150150 cm156 cm570 Kg40 HP12 480 kg
E 125125 cm131 cm520 Kg35 HP10 420 kg
E 100100 cm107 cm450 Kg30 HP8 370 kg

Serie E from 25 to 100 HP

Serie E is a machine characterized by extreme compactness and simple construction: ideal for horticulture, gardening and small farms. It is built with a tubular gear tank in a single piece that guarantees strength and indeformability without equal in such a light structure; the knives consist of a single piece held by a single nut for maximum ease of maintenance.


  • maximum horse power: 80 HP (59 KW)
  • rotor speed: 319 rpm (for 540 rpm PTO)
  • 3 point hitch cat.1
  • rear roller adjustment by pins
  • tines 90x10x260 mm: working depth about 26 cm
  • drive shaft with shear bolt
  • welded safety protection

Application fittings

  • Rear rollers
  • Stone guard
  • Frontal levelling bar
  • Frontal broke tracer

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